"The joy of getting paid for something I would have done anyway is never wasted."

Nailed it.

You saw the countless black body-bags. You saw a slew of army trucks bearing away their own fallen citizens. You saw tireless, dedicated medical staff struggle while wearing poor protection. You saw weary sanitation crew struggle as front-liners.

You saw ad-hoc policies determine the choice between human lives and the…

Last year, when a safe gap opened up between lockdown periods, Artist Ali Nurazmal Yusoff’s 18 oil on canvas paintings went on display at the National Art gallery — simply breathtaking! Then, there was a little surprise for the visitor near the exit of Reka Gallery: The Alism Art Studio.

Artist ventures into writing poetry to encourage children who tried Art during the Lockdown period.

With over 35 paintings on canvas, Ms. Rohini Indran’s Blogspot http://rohiniindran.blogspot.com/ now features a Book in PDF format.

The title is My Beautiful Ugly Art. In just over 20 odd pages she inspires the artist…

Parimala Singam

An avid reader and a novice storyteller, I was a mathematics teacher in another life. Finally, no excuses left not to write and a few tales to share.

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